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Lazy rainy days... to love or to hate?

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This Silly Girl's Life: Lazy rainy days... to love or to hate?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lazy rainy days... to love or to hate?

     Hi there! How's everyone doin'? Me? Not so great today... had to go to the doctor for my yearly exam... what joy. One of those inevitable little tasks that must be done but I still try to put off until the very last second! Oh well, besides being put on display for a complete stranger
to check out, today has still been pretty blah. If you live in my area you know exactly what I mean... it has been extremely overcast and rainy and dreary and just plain nap weather. But when you're a stay at home spouse I just feel completely guilty for taking a nap. Am I the only one?
     For me, sleeping at all has been a never ending struggle. I will go lay in bed, read my current novel and then finally get sleepy enough to count my sheeps (yes, I said sheeps and I meant it). I actually count to 100, every night.... in French. The one thing I remember from my 3 years of French in High School. Then I'm lucky if I even pass out after that. But, after having to get up a teensie bit earlier than normal to go to my awkward exam I am completely exhausted. When will these horrible forecasts end?! I feel like a complete zombie and the nap thing just ain't happening. Normally naps are different I'm just out. But not today! I think the guilt started to set in. My poor hubby slaving away in the constant drizzle.

     Off to do some house work and get dinner started, or maybe I'll just be stuck on Pinterest for a few hours, who knows?! Hope your having a more productive day than I am!



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