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This Silly Girl's Life: This Silly Girl's A Blogger!? DAY 1

Friday, August 17, 2012

This Silly Girl's A Blogger!? DAY 1

     Hi there everyone! Or, really just me for now... Hope all is well. This is obviously my first post to my first blog ever, yeah! SO excited to get started. Well a little bit about me, I'm just a little lady out of Jacksonville, FL. I am newly married and loving it. I love to cook, read, pin things.... and I'm really interested in a lot of topics.

     I hope this is going to be a great way to interact with the outside world. Being unemployed for the past almost 6 months now (eek!) has been tough but also a little eye opening as well. I love my husband to death and do the best I can to take care of him, our house and our pets while he is out slaving away at his job. I have come to find out that while staying at home and being a "housewife" definitely has it's perks, it really is quite lonely at times. Being able to find an outlet such as this one will hopefully allow me to meet some amazing people. I have always been interested in writing but never really knew how to explore that aspect of my creativity. So, here goes nothing!
     As stated before I am currently playing the role as housewife, we do not have any kids yet but am definitely looking forward to that next step in our lives not too far in the future. Living off just one income now a days is tough for anyone so I have been looking into ways to be more frugal, especially with our grocery bill. I have been looking into couponing recently more and more. Seem a little intimidating at first but I think I will be able to get it down. I'll let you know how that goes!
      Well, I don't want to bore you already with just my first post so I'll leave it at this. If anyone has something to add or has any couponing tips they would like to share, leave it in the comments! I look forward to more blogging days to come.



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